Please, be my friend again?

4. června 2017 v 18:58 | Den |  Básničky

It's been over three years now
and still nothing has changed,
we still like to talk about
things that are quite strange.

We still like to talk about
things that don't make sense,
and although I don't say it out loud
your eyes still make me tense.

I had this feeling rush through me,
of being helpless, of being done,
my heart aches, it tries to flee
and melt with your happy one.

My mind though stays sober,
thankfully, or not so much,
and says that it's all over;
I am not worthy of your touch.

I try to find out why me,
of all the people around the globe
I fell in love with you, I mean,
why do I still feel the hope?

Due to this contrast underneath,
I daren't think of how it will end.
Don't want to place my love in sheath,
I want, however, to be your friend,

because with such little sleep lately,
sunrises lost their magic to me,
or so I thought, but strangely
with you, this time was different,

almost… like a reason to be.

A/N: Omluvte tu angličtinu, ale česky to tentokrát nešlo.


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1 S c a r s S c a r s | Web | 11. června 2017 v 15:04 | Reagovat

I'm crying. This is seriously so beautiful! ♥ And english suits it so much!

2 Den Den | E-mail | Web | 11. června 2017 v 23:31 | Reagovat

[1]: Aww, Scars, thankss!! :33

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